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To Our Competition:
We appreciate the frustration you may be experiencing.
Working in corporate radio can be a challenge. The one size fits all strategy, with little
or no marketing funds for promotion and the constant turnover of staff can be
frustrating and discouraging.
Thank you for coming to our website and taking a closer look at how we do things at
One Putt Broadcasting – the only locally owned group of radio stations in Fresno –
and the most actively involved, community minded broadcaster in the Valley.
At One Putt, every idea you have can be presented to people who can make a
decision on the spot – and as you may already know, we love to innovate.
We’re always looking for intelligent, hard working winners and we’d like to invite you to
bring your skills to our team and let us help you reach your maximum potential.
John Ostlund & Chris Pacheco
One Putt Broadcasting




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